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In Revelation 1:7-8, the Word of the Lord says:  “Look, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the peoples of the earth will mourn because of Him. So shall it be! Amen.”  “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”  There is coming a day my friends, when EVERY knee WILL bow, and EVERY tongue WILL confess that Jesus Christ is LORD, to the glory of God the Father.  The appearing again of our KING won’t be a joyful sight for MANY, but one of regret/remorse.


Philippine Mission’s Trip NEXT Summer – (June, 2018)

Plans and preparations are well underway for next year’s Mission’s venture to the Philippines.  Had another update meeting on Sunday, June 25, and NOW NINE have already committed and have given their Airfare deposit of $200.  There could be up to SIX other churches sending representatives before the signup deadline at the end of July.  The following month (August), we will be bringing together ALL GOING to meet each other, and after that, there will be several more briefing/planning meetings up until the departure date.  The R.A.I.N. Worship Team will start practicing in October for the Freedom 3′ Concert (poster below), and the other ministry opportunities the Lord is preparing for them.

The  First picture BELOW is of a meeting the Malolos Youth aFlame Core Team and I had this past April in the Philippines to discuss the upcoming ‘Freedom 3’ Crusade.  The MYF R.A.I.N. Worship Team and the M.A.S.K. Theater/Arts Group have already committed themselves to be a part of this Concert.  All were/are  VERY EXCITED to hear and now know that their brethren from the U.S. will be ministering alongside them in this Large Crusade.      

The venue for the Concert is also pictured BELOW, and it has been given to us to use FREE OF CHARGE by the MYF’s former Lead Cameraman – NOW Vice-Mayor of Malolos City – Gilbert (Bebong) Gatchalian.  What a BLESSING this is, as the cost to use this facility would have been well over $1,000.00.  The Lord has already begun sending His RAIN of blessings over this soul-winning Outreach for His glory.  HE IS Jehovah Jireh-Our Provider.          

Would like to ask if you would PLEASE begin PRAYING for the ‘Freedom 3’ Concert/Crusade on June 30, 2018 at the Malolos Sports Center (Seating Capacity – 4,000).  PLEASE also begin PRAYING for what looks like the now more than 20 individuals from SIX DIFFERENT Churches who will be going.   THANK YOU!!!

Lord, Change Hearts/Lives on June 30, 2018


MYF Core Team – Philippines – 4 Not Pictured


Malolos City Sport’s Center – June 30, 2018


Malolos Sport’s Center – Inside View


Women Celebrating LIFE – (June 12, 18, & 26)

The WCL Core Team met earlier this month to evaluate past meetings and to plan for what’s coming.  One of the decisions made was to host another All-Church Large Gathering on October 22, 2017.  The meeting on Monday, June 12 was led by Connie Scheidecker, and the passage focused on was, 1 Kings 19:5-16.  The discussion time centered on God’s constant ‘Helping Hand’ in the life of the prophet Elijah, as well as in the lives of ALL who call on His Name.

On Saturday, June 18, just a few women were able to make it to the D.C. Bart Station to share the Gospel. There was definitely one thing the Lord showed us all on this day:  For the first time, we had and gave out some Gospel tracts in the Chinese and Spanish languages, & then excitedly witnessed more than a few old and young recipients intently reading them.    THANKS for PRAYING!

PLEASE continue PRAYING for the WCL Bi-weekly meetings,  and for the Outreach at the D.C. Bart Station every THIRD Saturday of the month (9:00 a.m.).  PLEASE also begin PRAYING for the Large Outreach at the end of October. THANKS!


D.C. Minister’s Gathering – (June 7 & July 5)

Had a very engaging meeting last month.  We discussed Church growth, and how important it is for the ‘Spiritual Leaders’ of D.C. to embrace and obey Christ’s command in John 17:21:   ‘To be ONE, SO THE WORLD MAY BELIEVE THAT the FATHER SENT JESUS.’  The Pastors/Churches agreed to come together for TWO yearly events:  The 3rd annual ‘D.C. Unity Gathering’ will be on October 29, 2017, and there will be a joint City-wide Evangelistic effort slated for the Spring, 2018. 

At our NEXT MEETING on July 5, we will be continuing the series on ‘How to Grow your Church/Ministry.’ 

The D.C. Pastors/Churches are also working together at this time to put together backpacks and School Supplies for some needy children in several Daly City Schools.  Our goal is to gather between 75-100 Backpacks.    PLEASE continue PRAYING for the D.C. Body of Christ, & for ‘those not yet in Christ’ in D.C.


San Francisco Church Planting Meeting – (June 19/July 24)

A Brother has asked if I would meet with him and others who have a plan to plant a church in San Francisco.  The scheduled meeting on June 19 was postponed, and has been rescheduled for a lunch date on July 24.  Was told there will be husbands/wives coming. PLEASE PRAY!


Family Worship Center – (June 18)

Shared the Word on this Sunday at FWC.  The title of the Message was ‘Admonition’s from the Lord,’ and the focus was placed on being an obedient Husband, Wife, Father, Child, & Single person. Scriptures used: Eph. 5:22-25; 2 Cor. 6:14. The Holy Spirit was speaking clearly to many. 

Family Worship Center – ‘Father’s Day’-June 18


Gateway Christian Church – (July 2)

Shared the Word at GCC LAST Sunday.  The title of the message was, ‘How then Should I live,’ and main passage expounded upon was 2 Corinthians 6:1.  So many Christians are living sub-par lives due to the fact that they have failed to grasp God’s will for them in the area of Sanctification. Growing more like Jesus is a definite process, but CAN BE greatly accelerated by obedience.


Christian Businessmen’s Connection – (July 15)

Have been asked to share the Word on the above date w/ approximately 30 Christian Businessmen & Women.  The gathering will take place in a Restaurant in San Bruno.  PLEASE PRAY!


First Baptist Church of Daly City – (July 23)

Will be sharing the Word at FBC on the above Sunday, and also will be sharing at a Baby Dedication prior to the Service.  Our Friend’s Son Skyler will be turning ONE, and his parents want to present him to the Lord on this day.  PLEASE PRAY!