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In Genesis 33:4, the Word of the Lord says:  “But Esau ran to meet Jacob and embraced him; he threw his arms around his neck and kissed him. And they wept.”  Esau, according to human standards, had every right to be angry at his brother Jacob for deceiving his father Isaac in order to obtain his blessing (Genesis 27:27-29).  Both men in the above verse experienced FIRST HAND the POWER of forgiveness – and it was truly liberating.  My dear brethren, FORGIVE, as God in Christ has forgiven you (Col. 3:13).


D.C. Minister’s Gathering – (October 4 & November 1)

A Pastor friend of ours from the Philippines (Rene Bernardo) shared a powerful message on the ‘Empty Chair.’  He stated that every Pastor should NEVER BE SATISFIED until all the chairs in his respective church are FILLED (and then have the problem of purchasing more chairs).  His points were:  The Importance of Vision; Intentional Evangelism; Teamwork; and the ‘Training of Leaders.’ It was a really EXCELLENT TIME in the Lord.

Our NEXT Pastor’s meeting will be this coming Wednesday, November 1.  PLEASE continue PRAYING OFTEN for the Pastors, the Body of Christ, & for those not yet in Christ in Daly City, CA.


Women Celebrating LIFE – (October 9, 23, & November 12)

Our friend from the Philippines, Sister May Bernardo, shared at the October 9 meeting on the story of Martha & Mary.  She encouraged all to follow in Mary’s footsteps, and not allow the busyness and distractions of life to come between them and their relationship to the Lord.  So MANY of God’s Children are ‘running on empty’ because of misplaced priorities and the struggle to maintain a disciplined life.  The Lord has given each of us ‘enough time’ EVERY day to read His Word and develop our relationship w/ Him.

‘Women Celebrating LIFE’ – Bi-Monthly Meeting


On SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12, the WCL Ministry will be hosting their 3rd Large Gathering (PLEASE SEE POSTER BELOW for All the Details).  The Outreach will focus on John 8:36, where it says, “If the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.”  A Skit will also be presented by several ladies demonstrating that our Savior has SUPREME POWER to deliver and set one free from the lies and bondages of the devil.  PLEASE continue praying for this All-church Outreach,  as well as for the ongoing WCL Bi-weekly Meetings, and the monthly D.C. Bart Outreaches.  Thanks!


Gateway Christian Church – (October 15)

Shared the Word at Gateway on this Sunday, and the title of the message was, More Than An Overcomer.’  The focus was placed on how MANY believers are ‘walking in the flesh,’ rather than ‘according to the Spirit.’  We need to all make sure that the Lord is truly on the throne of our lives, and He’s given PREEMINENCE.  Otherwise, we leave an open door for the devil’s schemes.


Daly City Bart Outreach – (October 27)

There were 12 of us distributing tracts and sharing the Word at the Daly City Bart Station on Friday, October 27 (5 – 6:15 p.m.).  Met a women who worked at Seton Hospital, and I mentioned to her that my son was born there and weighed 10.7 lbs.  She smiled as she walked away, but then I noticed that another young lady a stone’s throw away was smiling as she overheard our brief conversation.  Upon approaching her she said this:  “Wow, 10.7 lbs – I am pregnant RIGHT NOW, and it’s a Boy.”  I sat down next to the young girl, and asked her if she had any other children, as well as a husband?  She answered, “Yes, and NO,” and started to cry.  I then asked if she attended a church, and her response was, “Yes, I attend CCF in Millbrae.”  The Pastor of CCF is a GOOD friend of ours, and is also our Dentist.  The next 5 minutes were spent encouraging this young lady to follow the Lord – for He can turn ANYTHING around in one’s life if there is repentance/surrender.

Stamping Gospel’s w/ Church Address/Phone #


Outreach at Daly City Bart Station


Many Stop for a FREE cup of Starbuck’s Coffee


WHM Annual Board Meeting – (October 28)

Spent the morning on this Saturday with some of our most dearest friends – Brian Geiger (And his wife Cathy), Jacob Thomas, and Cherry Alvendia.  We’ve known Brian & Cathy for 35 years, Brother Jacob for 20 years, and Cherry for 23 years respectively.  All of these Brothers & Sisters have not only had a HUGE spiritual impact on our lives, but also in the lives of their respective Churches.  THANK YOU Lord for these servants!  What was discussed/covered at this Meeting:  Ministry Highlights from past year, Fiscal year U.S./Philippine Financial Reports, and the ‘Freedom 3’ Crusade. 


Family Worship Center – (October 29)

Shared the Word at FWC on the above Day/Date.  The message focused on the passage found in Ephesians 5:15-18, where the Lord talked about the importance of ‘being careful how we live,’ being sure to make the MOST of our time here on earth, and to be ‘filled with the Holy Spirit.”  His Word is “living & active, and sharper than a double-edged sword.”


Unity Celebration Gathering III – (October 29)

Our 3rd Annual All-Church ‘Unity Celebration Gathering’ was last week on October 29.  More about this awesome get-together will be highlighted in the December Newsletter Edition.


Mission’s Trip – (June 3-26, 2018)

The Air-Tickets were purchased last week for the entire group (16).  We will be flying on Asiana Airlines leaving June 3, and returning June 26, 2018.  Note:  The U.S. R.A.I.N. Worship Team will begin practicing on December 3 for the June 23, 2018 ‘Freedom 3’ Concert/Crusade.  PLEASE continue PRAYING for the TEAM, and ALL ASPECTS of this Mission’s venture for the Lord.  THANK YOU!