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In 1 John 2:15-17, the Word of the Lord says:  “Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.  For all that is in the world–the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life–is not of the Father but is of the world.  And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.”  Our home is NOT HERE dear brethren. Don’t sink your feet too deep into the soil of this world, because if you do – it will be very difficult to not only pry yourself loose, but also to be an effective witness for the King.


Philippines/Korea Trip

This is the first of what will be two consecutive updates (May/June) highlighting my recent trip to the Philippines/Korea.  The two pictures below are of WHM’s 16th Scholarship recipient Mary Grace & Family, as well as one of this young lady’s drawing projects she recently turned in to her teacher.  The girl has a definite talent!  Also had the opportunity to meet with the other current WHM Scholars (Jasmine Bulanadi, Edmer Caber, & Annie Timcang) during my stay in Malolos City.  All are doing very well in their studies. PLEASE continue PRAYING!

Scholarship Recipient – Mary Grace Godoy/Family


Architecture is Mary Grace’s Major @ BSU


The other two pictures below are of WHM’s two separate children’s outreaches that I had the privilege of being a part of.  The first one was in a place called Plaridel, where we spent an entire Saturday morning ministering to not only the little ones, but also to their respective mothers via a Bible Study.  One of the gentlemen pictured to the right in the black tee-shirt (Not the New Zealander) is not only an excellent children’s minister, but also a superb painter who dazzled the kids with his ability to draw and paint Christian symbols on their hands and foreheads.  What a great blessing it was to see ALL of these children, and their enthusiasm for the King .  Our Savior LOVES the LITTLE CHILDREN.

Had the opportunity to play some Basketball with some of the boys after the 2nd Children’s Outreach in the Barangay (Villiage) of Menzyland in Malolos.  As the game progressed the surrounding crowd became larger and larger, as everyone was astonished to see an OLD foreigner (In the heat of mid-summer) moving around like a youngster (HaHa!) during the 20-minute contest.  By the way, our team LOST, because the other Team had one of Stephen Curry’s relatives shooting and making almost every one of his shots from beyond the 3-point line.  The ‘Church’ in the Philippines uses the game of Basketball as a MAJOR EVANGELISTIC Outreach to youngsters, as well as to Teens/Men.

Children’s Outreach in Malolos City, Bulacan


Playing Basketball w/ Group of Young Men


One of the greatest privileges while in the Philippines was our time (3 days) visiting & ministering to a Mangyan Tribe on the Island of Mindoro.  It took two Buses, a long Ferry ride, a Tricycle, and a Jeepney ride to reach our destination from Malolos City.  We stayed in a isolated mountainous area, with no lighting except in the small school where we slept, and in a very distant home near the main road.  A bit about these people:  Mangyan is a generic name for the eight indigenous groups found on the island of Mindoro – each with its own tribal name, language, and customs.  Being coastal dwellers at first, they have moved inland and into the mountains to avoid the influx and influence of foreign settlers.  Back in the 1950’s, a engaged couple from New Zealand went into mountains in order to share the ‘Good News’ with the tribes, and their success has been documented and talked about for the past 60+ years.  Many New Zealanders subsequently followed this young couple in their pursuit to win them, and today MANY have a personal relationship w/ the King. 

One of the most amazing things we witnessed while there was –  watching two young Boys (11-12 yrs. old) climb 50-60 foot Coconut Trees barefoot (No Safety Net or rope around their waste).  They each had a Bolo (Machete) around their waste, and upon reaching the coconuts, they held on with one hand w/ feet wrapped around the tree, while w/ the other swung the large knife to cut loose the goods.  There is no way in the world anyone in his right mind would attempt this, EXCEPT these YOUNG boys.


Stayed 3 Days w/ Mangyan Tribe in Mindoro


Bags of Groceries for 16 Tribal Families


Girls 15-16 years old already had Children


Climbing a 50-Foot Coconut Tree Barefoot?


They even Make their Own Spoons to Eat With


Women Celebrating LIFE – (March 5, April 11 & 25)

The WCL All-Church gathering on March 5 (Please see Pictures Below) was attended by approximately 60 women.  Two churches combined to lead the worship, a powerful testimony was given by a young lady who, before becoming a Christian, was entrenched in the worship of idols.  An evangelistic Skit was also presented depicting how so many believe their ‘good works’ will get them into heaven.  The message was passionately given by Lorraine McGee, and her topic was the ‘Power Of Choice.’  The WCL is planning to have more of these types of meetings in the coming days.

(April 11 & 25) – My ‘Wonderful Wife’ and Raquel Montoyo respectively  led the meetings on the above dates.  Also, every 3rd Saturday of the month, some of the women share coffee, cookies, and most importantly the ‘Good News’ at the Daly City Bart Station.  PLEASE continue PRAYING for the WCL Ministry, as they look to extend their borders in order to reach more souls for the ‘King of Kings’ and ‘Lord of Lords.’

March 5, 2017 – This was the 2nd Large All-Church ‘Women Celebrating LIFE’ Gathering.  The Lord is GOOD!


Marinelle Velasco gave a POWERFUL personal TESTIMONY about her life of worshipping idols before coming to Christ.


A Video-Clip was shown portraying our Savior’s GREAT LOVE FOR US.


Guest Speaker Lorraine McGee shared the Word on the topic:  ‘The Power Of Choice’


Food & Fellowship – One of God’s PURPOSES for His Church.


D.C. Minister’s Gathering – (April 5 & May 3)

Pastor Chris Vinculado from Good News Fellowship led the gathering April 5.  Reaching the Lost in Daly City was on the forefront of the agenda on this day.   Also discussed, was a possible All-Church Unity/Outreach Gathering at a local park in D.C. sometime in late September or early October.   Last Wednesday, Pastor Bob Eusibio from ‘Living Stone Ministries’ delivered a timely exhortation.  What a blessing the time of sharing was as one of the leaders really opened up concerning his burden for the lost, and struggle within his own Family.  PLEASE continue PRAYING for the Pastors, Churches, AND for those not yet in Christ in D.C.


Philippine Mission’s Trip (June, 2018) Meeting – (May 7)

We had a commitment meeting last Sunday for next year’s Mission’s trip to the Philippines.  Eight have already given their $200 deposit for their Air-Ticket, while approximately 15 more will do so in the next month or two.  PLEASE continue PRAYING for all aspects of this Mission’s venture – THANKS!

All of the Individuals pictured are going NEXT SUMMER (June, 2018) on the Mission’s Trip to the Philippines.  We have another Informational Meeting about this venture for the Lord on May 21 at Calvary Chapel/San Mateo for others that are interested in going.


Calvary Chapel/San Mateo – (May 21)

Will be sharing the Word on the above Sunday at Calvary.  On this day will also be a informational meeting for the youth/Parents who are interested in going next year on the Mission’s Trip to the Philippines.  PLEASE PRAY!