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U.S./Philippine News

In Genesis 6:5, the Word of the Lord says:  “Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”  Men’s/Women’s/Our hearts haven’t changed since the beginning dear brethren.  Oh, the deception of PRIDE, especially among leaders – so MANY boast of great things – could this be why there is NO revival in our Land/Midst (2 Chronicles 7:14) – YOU DECIDE!


Canada Vacation – (August – PicturesBelow)

Nora and I, and Nora’s Mom and Sister Cora returned from Canada last Saturday, August 26, and it’s REALLY GOOD to be back HOME.  We spent the entire time in London, Ontario visiting our eldest Niece Shekinah, her husband Luc, and TWO Children (Kira & Cainan).  On August 13, Cainan (7 Months Old) was dedicated to the Lord, and I had the opportunity to share the Good News w/ a host of folks not yet ‘in the Light.’  The Lord has BLESSED our Niece/Family since arriving in Ontario from Korea/Philippines in 2012, as the Bouchard clan JUST PURCHASED their FIRST HOME (Condominium) THREE DAYS after our departure on August 26.  A major adjustment is now in store for this Family, as‘discipline in spending’ will FOR SURE be at the forefront of their daily agenda.  This was definitely a TIME of REST and REFRESHING for both my WONDERFUL Wife and Myself. THANKS Lord for ALWAYS extending your Amazing Grace.


The Dedication to the Lord of Cainan Bouchard


The Immediate Bouchard & Valdez Families


Out for a Walk in London, Ontario, Canada


Eating was a Regular Routine during our Visit


This little Tyke is ALWAYS one ‘Happy Camper’


Cainan Surfing at (7) Months – What a Life!!!


Women Celebrating LIFE – (August 25, 28, Sept. 11, 16)

There were more than a few who came to the Daly City Bart Station to share the Good News on August 25, and, after hearing the reports from those who were there – The Lord was definitely  directing things on this night. Hundreds of Gospels of John & Tracts were given out.  Many youth could be seen reading the Literature openly.  Two Large Starbucks Coffee Containers plus snacks were emptied in the first hour – There was actually a long line forming for those wanting a FREE cup of java and a snack.  Prior to this night, TWO little young ladies (Under Ten), had highlighted John 3:16 in ALL of the Gospel’s of John given out.  The Lord CAN USE your children at the youngest of ages my friends.  Most definitely the Holy spirit was speaking to all the workers present about CHANGING this Bart Outreach to Friday Nights –  instead of the previous Saturday morning time.  This possible day change will be discussed at the upcoming Women Celebrating Life Core Leader’s Meeting Wednesday, September 6.  

The discussion point for the August 28 Meeting was focused on ‘Drawing Nearer to God.’  Connie Scheidecker led the gathering of eight women, & one of the KEY verses she expounded on was, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you”  (James 4:8).  PLEASE continue PRAYING for the WOMEN/Ministry of the WCL.
The WCL Group is preparing RIGHT NOW for their 3rd Large Outreach on either October 22 or November 12 – Still waiting  at this time for the date confirmation.


D. C. Pastors/Leader’s Meetings – (August 2, September 6)

At LAST month’s meeting, we continued the series, How to Grow your Church/Ministry.’  The ‘Law of Explosive Growth’ was presented, and this law states, ‘To Add Growth, Lead Followers — To Multiply Growth, Lead Leaders.’ John Maxwell shared in the video-clip that 90% of Pastors lead followers, and that is the reason why so many churches remain small in size year after year.

Our NEXT Pastor’s meeting will be this coming WednesdaySeptember 6 PLEASE continue PRAYING OFTEN for the Pastors, the Body of Christ, & for those not yet in Christ in Daly City, CA.


Daly City CHURCH – Backpack/School Supplies Drive (Pictures Below)

Right after our Pastor’s gathering on August 2, the D.C. Pastors delivered 80+ Backpacks and School Supplies(PICTURES/RIGHT) their respective Church members had purchased for some needy youngsters in the Jefferson Elementary School District.  The principal (Benjamin Turner) at Policita Middle School, and the JESD Superintendant (Bernie Vidales) were so GRATEFUL, and shared that many kids will NOW be equipped with these supplies.

Ptrs. Chris/Marlon (R) w/ Principal/Superintendant


Principal at Policita M.S. – Benjamin Turner


80+ Backpacks & A Real Lot of School Supplies


Philippines/Mission Trip Meeting – (September 10)

We will be having our FIRST meeting of the ENTIRE GROUP going NEXT Summer on Sunday, September 10 1:00p.m.  This will also be an informational meeting for some of the newcomers to the Team.  PLEASE PRAY!


Daly City Unity Celebration Gathering – (October 29 -Poster Below)

This will be the 3rd Annual Daly City All-Church Unity Gathering Celebration.  Pastor marlon Valladares from ‘Westlake Community Baptist Church’ will be the speaker.  A group of women will ministering a Skit entitled, ‘SET ME FREE.’  THANK YOU for PRAYING for this Outreach. 

PLEASE see the Poster below for all the rest of the details. 


Philippines/Mission Trip – (June 4-25, 2018)  (PosterBelow)

We NOW have 18 committed to going, and almost all have already given their $200 Airfare Ticket deposit.  The DATES for next year’s trip have NOW been CONFIRMED (June 4-25), with the ‘Freedom 3 Concert/Crusade already set for June 23, 2018.  The Venue for the Crusade (Malolos Sport’s Center – 4,000 seat Air-coned Pavilion) was given to WHM to use FREE of charge by the NOW acting Vice-Mayor of Malolos City Bebong Gatchalian.  What a GREAT BLESSING from ABOVE this gift is!  At this time, it looks like I will be going to the Philippines two months prior to the June trip (March or April, 2018) in order to MAKE SURE all the preparations needed for our arrival, stay, and our ministry schedule are securely in place.  Will be having a meeting for all going NEXT Summer on Sunday, September 10 1:00 p.m.   PLEASE continue PRAYING for every aspect of this Mission’s venture for the Lord.   We want HIM & HIM ALONE to be HIGH LIFTED UP!